Visual Authoring Environment

Create beautiful graphics with our advanced real time authoring engine.

View your graphics on screen, projectors or Virtual Reality headset (via OpenVR).

Export your final results to standard video formats (h264, wmv, Hap, Dxv)

Advanced DirectCompute GPU particle system, with many built in emitters, effectors and colliders. Render your particles as sprites, geometry, path...

Animate your compositions with our advanced timeline. We also have support for non linear playback as well as linear, so you can reuse tracks to animate any number of parameters, with independent time and playback mode controls.

Content compositing made easy with our multimedia node collection. Advanced video player (Hap, Dxv, Photo JPEG), Animated Gif, Image sequences, as well as native support for industry standard capture devices like Decklink, Epiphan, Datapath.

For your real time interoperability needs, we also support Spout and NDI (with both send/receive capabilities).


All in one integrated workflow

Coming from years of experience in media/event industry, we strive to provide a convenient, fast and responsive content creation workflow.

Our intuitive user interface provides you an advanced workspace, with configurable layout.

We provide node based interface, code editor (c# and hlsl, both with context sensitive code completion), linear and non linear timeline, and inspector.

We like software to be non intrusive. Therefore our default user interface is fairly minimalistic, but advanced features can be enabled in a single shortcut.